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At Vinco, Inc., we know how important our farmers are to the economy, to our Midwest communities, and to our way of life. From grain elevators and irrigators to bin sites and farm shops, our design and installation team will work with you to design, schedule, install and maintain it all. We understand that schedule, timing, and reliability is of utmost importance and look through your eyes for your perspective on every project.


Grain Operations - Automation and PLC Design, Layout and Installation

Vinco PLC "Programmable Logic Control" is a computer based technology that gives our customers the ability to take control of their grain operation. Traditionally our customers were forced into two types of operations.

  • The first was a simple manual control system where they would constantly have to monitor the system to make sure that the system was moving product. This could lead to lost time and less production.
  • System number 2 was an integrated system that was automated to a point. This system was tied together using expensive relays, timers and time delays plus the amount of wire it took to get the job done made it very expensive.

Vicno Inc.'s system allows the customer to take control of their grain operation. From a simple touch screen display that shows them exactly what the system is doing at all times.

"If you can dream it, we can make it happen."  

There is no system too big or too small, we have these systems installed in Grain Cleaning Operations, Bulk Seed Plants, Grain Elevators and Farmers Grain Sites.

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Grain Operations - Smart Sweep System

The Vinco Smart Sweep is a tool developed to help customers meet the requirements set forth by insurance companies and OSHA standards. The new requirements do not allow individuals to enter a grain bin until the threat of entrapment inside the grain bin has been removed. Vinco Inc. has developed a cost effective system that can easily be retrofitted to an existing sweep or installed as a new sweep system.


The system allows the operator a hands free solution without the need to have someone watch the sweep, maximizing your time and saving you money.

The unit is set up to run with the reclaim system so there is not the constant turn on/off. The system also gives you the option of a remote alarm to let you know if there is an issue with the sweep.

Set up

Operation friendly with a simple touch screen display mounted next to the entrance of the bin to give you the ability to control the system and adjust it to meet the needs of how the grain is flowing.

Eliminate down time by changing the settings by the push of a button. The system is also calibrated the way you want it to run and flexible enough to react to ever changing situations.

Vinco Inc. will install that second set of eyes for you.

This Smart Sweep system has been installed by Vinco Inc. in a variety of grain handling facilities, from Ethanol Plants to Grain Elevators to privately owned grain facilities. This system has been in the field and tested and proven to work.