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I hereby authorize, without any limitation, Vinco, Inc. its employees, or its assigned agents to investigate or enquire about any of the information I voluntarily disclosed in this document or any other employment document I provided or completed in support of my application, including (but not limited to) educational history, employment history, professional reference validity, driving licensure and driving history, certification validity, and any other information relevant to the background of my work history. I hereby release Vinco, Inc., its employees, assigns, and agents from any and all liability in seeking and using such information from educational institutions, former and current employers, government agencies, references I have provided, and any other sources of information to determine my suitability for employment with Vinco, Inc. Further, I hereby release all providers of this information from liability provided such information is truthful (or believed to be truthful) from the provider. I hereby waive any privilege to this information. I understand that any potential offer of employment is contingent on Vinco, Inc. accepting the results of this information, and that continued employment is not guaranteed absent a contract to the contrary that has been issued by a bona-fide company officer of Vinco, Inc.

Accordingly, I understand that my employment at Vinco, Inc. is of an “at-will” nature, and that either I or Vinco, Inc. can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice, for any lawful reason.

I understand that my employment is contingent on providing authentic documentation proving my lawful identity and eligibility to work lawfully within the United States of America in accordance with federal laws, statutes, and guidelines as provided by the appropriate federal agencies.

If offered employment, I agree to abide by federal and state regulations and laws, safety training, guidelines and regulations, and Vinco, Inc. policies and procedures as set forth to me throughout my employment.