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Vinco implemented a Step Program approximately 15 years ago. This program consisted of detailed skills that were required for each discipline and levels within that discipline and is openly posted at each of our locations. When an employee notified a supervisor that they felt they were ready to move to the next level, written and hands–on skills tests were given. This program is still in use primarily for the lower-level RF technicians; however, the certification program implemented by the NWSA and now required by most of our customers emulates what we were doing in-house so rather than duplicate efforts, we no longer use the Step Program to the same extent for the upper–level RF technicians. In the current environment, it has proven difficult to find enough sufficiently qualified employees for our field leadership positions. To keep advancing the promising employees we already have, we implemented a new program. The new program is called Vinco Interactive Training and Advanced Learning (VITAL) and is offered to employees that our management team feels have the skillset, personality, and desire to keep progressing in their career at Vinco. The course consists of extensive one on one time with a Field Supervisor and Operations Manager to not only learn the physical skills of completing installations/testing/etc., but also includes organization, communication, and personnel management curriculum.

Safety training is also a very large part of our training curriculum. All employees are required to take at least some form of safety training regardless of position. The safety training curriculum available to the employees is discussed further in the following subsection.



The following are the in-house safety training courses that are available to all field personnel. The classes each employee is required to take for certification are based on the employee’s discipline and position.



  • Hazard Communication (Global Harmonized System)

  • Radio Frequency

  • First Aid​

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)​

  • Confined Space

  • Fleet Driving

  • Arc Flash​

  • NFPA 70E Electrical Safety

  • Basic Electrical Safety (low voltage)

  • Fall Protection

  • Competent Climbing

  • Competent Rigging

Levels of Certification

The following are training/licensing programs that are provided by outside agents that lead to formal certification or license issued by the state or national organization. The applicability is based on the employee’s discipline, position and experience level as well as regulatory and customer requirements.


NWSA; Tech 1, Tech 2, Line & Antenna, Foreman Certification

National Electrical Code; Journeyman Electrician,

Master Electrician License

NCCCO; Crane Operator, Digger Derrick Certification

Nate Star Initiative Member

  • Comtrain Tower Safety & Rescue

  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour

  • CPR

  • First Aid

  • RF Awareness

  • Aerial Work Platform

  • CDL Training Support

  • Confined Space

  • NFPA 70E

  • Forklift Training

  • Defensive Driving

LED Strip Lights



Your Best choice for your Industrial Control Panel builds.

Vinco Automations Engineering has designed, built, tested, and commissioned panels for any project needs.

Choose the the process that works for you.

  • Design, Purchase, and Build

  • Purchase and Build

  • Build only

Resetting Fuse Box
LED Strip Lights


Give VINCO a call for your directional boring 

(Trenchless Directional Boring)

Directional drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), or horizontal boring, is an underground method of drilling to install service pipes and conduits while minimizing physical damage to the area above ground.

LED Strip Lights


Need something like this for your next project?

Vacuum trucks can also be used for cleanup of contaminated soil. For some instances, air excavation may be used in place of hydro excavation. Air excavation, also known as soft dig, uses compressed air to break up the ground and then vacuums up the soil into the debris tank. Air excavation is often used for locating underground electrical cables and
gas lines.

Hydro excavation using a vac truck is the safest way to dig. You can’t beat the efficiency that our method offers. Our customers are often surprised by how fast and accurate we are, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Other services we can provide include potholing, daylighting, and utility locating.

LED Strip Lights
2021-04-20 13.25.35.jpg



Footing and foundation concrete 

  • Drilled Sier

  • Mat or Raft Foundations

  • Poured Salls

  • Machine Pads

  • Industrial Equipment Pads

  • Electrical Equipment Pads

  • Mechanical Pads

  • Concrete Demolition and Removal

  • Concrete Parking Lot Demolition and Removal

  • Concrete Sidewalk Demolition and Removal

  • Concrete Pad Demolition and Removal

  • Concrete Foundation Demolition and Removal

  • Concrete Slab Demolition and Removal

  • Concrete Wall Demolition and Removal

  • Other Concrete Demolition and Removal Services Based Upon Client Needs

LED Strip Lights



811 "Call Before You Dig" was created to provide you with a nationwide, easily accessible resource when you are digging. Every dig requires a call.


We are Call Before You Dig for Northern California and Nevada.

Digging at Construction Site
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